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Zen Pinball: Paranormal Table – The PS3 Attitude Review

Submitted by on Thursday, 4 November 20107 Comments

For our money, Zen Pinball has been the best pinball game up to now on the PlayStation 3 and we’ve been lucky that they continually support it with new tables.  Following up on the release of the Mars offering, we now have the Paranormal table to sink our teeth in to.  So how was it, we hear you ask?

In a word, good.  When diving in to the table headfirst we immediately saw everything we’ve come to expect from a Zen Pinball addition.  It looks very sharp, it plays very well and the theme of the table is very well executed.

As you have no undoubtedly guessed, there’s a very creepy aura to this table that may very well send chills up your spine.  Zen Studios set out to create a truly stylized table with a lot of ghostly things to do and for the most part, they hit the nail on the head.  Rather you’re swinging up to take a tour around the Bermuda Triangle, ridding a mansion of ghosts at the top of the table, or hunting down the Jersey Devil, you’ll never run out of things to accomplish.

The presentation is fantastic.  Pretty much anything that even falls in the paranormal realm can be found on this table.  The way it’s all put together is pretty awesome as well.  No matter what crack or crevice you manage to send the ball in to, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a unique piece of the table with it’s own sound and effect.

We’re all for having many options when it comes to pinball because let’s face it, the ball doesn’t always go where you think it will.  Putting more stuff on the table just increases the probability that something cool will happen, right?  In a way that’s true but the table just felt a little crowded for our taste.  Sometimes there was so much going on that it was hard to keep track of, which made it difficult to actually complete objectives.  At the same time, we’d much rather have a table that was too busy rather than too boring so the exuberance of this addition wasn’t really a major draw.

Overall, this is just another fantastic add-on to the already amazing game of Zen Pinball.  Nothing pleases us more than developer support of a game post-launch and few have done it better than Zen Studios.  While this new table does not quite stand up to the Mars addition we got previously, it’s still another fantastic reason to pick up and play the best game of Pinball on the PlayStation 3.