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Just how accurate is the Nurburgring in GT5?

Submitted by on Wednesday, 8 December 201013 Comments

Nurburgring Nordschleife is one of the most famous tracks in the world, and it’s also Kazunori Yamauchi’s favourite track. The car-obsessed creator of Gran Turismo has spent years trying to recreate the Ring in all its glory. Well, a racer in Germany has been putting his creation to the test, so we’re now in a position to ask the question: just how accurate is the virtual Nurburgring?

The test was conducted by a professional driving instructor called Denis Malevanyi, who teaches at the Nurburgring. His test was simple: one lap in BMW M3 in real life and one lap in the game with all assists off, equipped with comfort soft tyres (the closest to the PSII he uses in real life). View the results for yourself, by watching the video below:

The results are staggering; they are very, very close. The bumps on the road, the racing line and even the scenery all appear to match up. The driver himself says the game is spot on:

“Max speed, acceleration, g-force – everything 100% matches a real car. I was not driving even close to 100% neither in real life or GT5, because it was public day and I didn’t have any intentions to beat anybody’s best time with the M3.”

Having never raced on the Nurburgring, we’re not in a position to back up Malevanyi, but the pictures appear to speak for themselves.

Getting such high levels of accuracy is quite an achievement, because the Nurburgring is a huge track, and there are so many small dips and elevations that aren’t always noticeable until you jump in a car – Yamauchi-san himself said that he hadn’t known about so many of the bumps until he had driven round the Ring himself. He clearly took many notes.

So what do you think? Mr Malevanyi is a fast driver, eh?