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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam launches tomorrow

Submitted by on Monday, 20 December 20107 Comments

The Vietnam expansion pack for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be launching tomorrow. It includes four new 60s-Vietnam-inspired maps (and an unlockable fifth), a massive soundtrack, and a ton of new weapons and vehicles for you to cause mayhem. It is an essential purchase for Battlefield fans.

Bad Company 2 has arguably the best multiplayer of any FPS of this generation. It is famed for its huge maps and varied gameplay, and it is getting better with this expansion. When we previewed the game in November, we showered the new maps with praise; the level designs are intelligent, vast, rich looking and certainly amongst the most intense we’ve seen in a Battlefield game. Whether you are in the camp of high-intense-action or prefer something slower, more tactical, these maps will offer something for you.

The studio has put a lot of effort into this game, treating it like a new project. They’ve captured the authenticity of ‘nam, as seen in such films as Apocalypse Now and Hamburger Hill; it’s also a whole lotta fun to boot. DICE has created all new assets for these maps; it’s certainly prettier than the main Bad Company 2 game that it’s built on – that is, if napalm-scorched fields could ever be described as being pretty.

So, who will be playing tomorrow? You are getting a lot of content for your £9.99, and this pack will certainly keep Battlefield fans entertained for months.