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Battlefield: BC 2 – Map Pack 7 is live / Vietnam priced and dated

Submitted by on Wednesday, 1 December 201012 Comments

We have lots of exciting Bad Company 2 news to share with you. First of all, VIP Map Pack 7 – which includes four new maps – is now live and ready for you to play, and, secondly, we finally have a fixed date and price for the Vietnam expansion pack. We think it’s time we dusted off our copies, and got warring again.

Vietnam is the big one we’re getting excited about, as you will by reading our hands-on preview. It’s big and bad (flame-thrower bad), and it will be available on the PlayStation Store from 21 December in North America and it’ll arrive in Europe the following day. The expansion pack will set you back a cool £9.99, which is slightly less than the price we were expecting it to be.

While you wait for Vietnam, you might as well load up your game and enjoy the four new maps included in VIP Map Pack 7. Here’s a run-down:

  • Harvest Day – This vehicle-orientated map originally appeared in Bad Company 1. It’s been optimised for the sequel. It features quads, heavy tanks and CAVs. All four modes can be played on Harvest Day but DICE say that it’s best suited for Conquest.
  • Cold War – This comes straight from the singleplayer missions in Bad Company 2. The map is set high-up in the Russian mountains and the weather is deadly cold. It’s a tight infantry map  which favours Rush players. Squad Rush and Squad Deathmatch options are available.
  • Oasis – A very popular map from Bad Company 1, which has been added to keep the punters happy. It has a variety of vehicles, and the size of the map can quickly jump from being small to huge offering lots of variety.
  • Heavy Metal – A huge map (bigger than Atacama Desert) taken straight from the singleplayer campaign. It offers a variety of vehicle-based combat and close infantry fighting. Conquest and Squad Conquest are the available modes.

DICE have come a long way with their multiplayer for Bad Company 2. It always had compelling gameplay, but it was light on maps for some time after its release. That’s certainly not the case today, and EA and DICE should be applauded for the fantastic job they have done supporting this game. What’s more, all the VIP Map Packs are free! (Assuming you bought the game new and received the VIP voucher code that was inside.)

Check out the trailer below…

If you’ve been playing the new maps, we’d love to hear your thoughts below…