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Revolution Software exploring the possibility of bringing Broken Sword to PSN Store

Submitted by on Thursday, 16 December 20102 Comments

We should thank our lucky stars for digital distribution, without which we wouldn’t be able to enjoy quirky titles such as Flower and Braid. Developers can release their games straight onto platforms like the PSN Store without having to worry about packaging and distribution costs – and this significantly lowers the risks.

Without this fear of incurring huge losses, developers are happier to also re-release their old classics; we already see this with the PSOne Classics. Games such as Abe’s Odyssey will hardly shift many units from the shelves of HMV, but they can still offer huge amounts of entertainment – and they sit perfectly on the PSN Store.

Anyway, what was our point? Ah, yes. Charles Cecil, managing director of Revolution Software, has told us that the studio are actively exploring the possibilities of bringing the Broken Sword series to the PSN, and we’re delighted, because we’d love another shot at playing those adventure games.

As he was celebrating the release of Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror (Remastered) on the App store, via Twitter, we probed him on the possibilities of us getting in on the action. To which he responded favourably, saying “Yea – I know. It is something that we are actively exploring.”

The Broken Sword series began in 1996 with the release of Shadow of the Templars. It mixed alternate histories, intrigue, a terrorist clown and tons of dry humour into a point-and-click adventure game that spanned the world. A director’s cut was released on the Wii in 2009, boasting improved visuals, new puzzles and the ability to play parts of the game as Nico, the French journalist and companion to George Stobbart, the dry-witted American lawer and main protagonist. They made a fantastic duo.

With the recent additions of Sam & Max and the Monkey Island games, the PSN is becoming quite a home for graphic adventure games. Can we have Broken Sword too? The director’s cut version would be nice. It would be perfectly suited to Move.