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A Christmas message from Attitude Towers

Submitted by on Saturday, 25 December 201027 Comments

Dear friends of PS3 Attitude,

The team at Attitude Towers would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and hope that you all have a wonderful day. We also hope that you got what you wanted, and didn’t receive  a copy of Naughty Bear from a well-meaning grandparent – sorry 505 Games.

Fear not, this won’t be overly tedious and dull (as the Queen’s speech, for example) but we would like to say a few things.  This has been another fantastic year for PS3 Attitude, for many reasons: we’ve published thousands of articles, launched PS3 Attitude TV and announced a new partnership with That is to name just a few of our highlights.

However, the most pleasing thing about 2010, for us at least, has been the continued growth of our community. We always knew we had a lot of readers, but we thought they were of the quiet kind – but clearly we were wrong because our comments sections have been buzzing throughout the year. They’ve been a home for lively and engaging discussions, and we can confidently say that our community is one of the most welcoming on the internet. If the measure of a great site is a great community then we’re definitely the best around. We would like to thank you lot for being you – don’t change!

Speaking of change, Team Attitude has changed quite a bit over the year, with a number of veterans having moved on to new pastures. It’s always sad when old friends leave, but we also had new blood arrive, and despite the changes, we’re confident we’ve managed to uphold the core principles of the site. We have high hopes for 2011 and have numerous ‘plans’ (the cigar smoking Hannibal kind of plans) up our sleeves. We can build on the great success of the past few years, and we will; we will become bigger, bolder, badder and better. It’s going to be great.

But let’s put thoughts of 2011 aside for now though, because it is Christmas after all. So enjoy the rest of the day because  it only comes once a year.

We’d love to hear about your Christmas stories (gaming and non-gaming) so please feel free to share below.

All the best,

Team Attitude