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DiRT 3 Gymkhana trailer and developer diary leaves us spinning

Submitted by on Monday, 20 December 20104 Comments

Codemaster’s Gymkhana trailer for DiRT 3 has been live for a while now, but we don’t want you miss it – it’s intense. We also have a new developer diary, which has WRC driver Ken Block explain the reasons why he loves Gymkhana.

Gymkhana is a technical motorsport popularised by Ken Block. The sport pushes to the limit a driver’s drifting, turning and spinning skills, and other advanced techniques. Tracks are littered with obstacles for the driver to get through or around. What Ken Block does to his car during these events is pretty astounding, to say the least.

The trailer features a Ford WRC Monster rally car being taken around a Gymkhana track. Check it out below:

There is also a new developer diary to accompany this trailer; in it, Ken Block explains why he got into Gymkhana and why he loves the DiRT series:

It looks a bit unrealistic, doesn’t it? No driver can drive like that, surely? Well, actually, you’d be surprised. Check out the video below and see Ken Block on Top Gear taking a terrified looking James May around an airfield:

If that didn’t quite capture the intensity, how about this one?

DiRT 3 is shaping up nicely; it will have more cars, locations, routes and events than DiRT 2 – there’s actually more than double the track content. It will also feature improved damage and race-changing weather effects.

The DiRT series is one of the most enjoyable driving games around. With it, Codemasters have found a balance between realism and arcade that offers some of the most intense racing available from the safety of a sofas.

DiRT 3 is due for release in Q2 2011, and we can’t wait to sample some Gymkhana mayhem.