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Homefront – story and multiplayer dev diaries

Submitted by on Friday, 3 December 201015 Comments

We love developer diaries, especially when they’re for the games we care about; Homefront is one of those games.

Published by THQ, developed by Kaos Studios, Homefront is a military FPS set in the near future, in 2027. The world superpowers have suffered an economic meltdown, and natural resources are scarce. A united Korea has become unimaginably powerful, and have invaded America, turning the Land of the Free into a battleground.

The game is set close enough to the future to be familiar, but it has an exciting alien feel to it.

The first developer diary (which was actually released a few weeks ago) features staff from Kaos Studios explain the background of the story. Yes, it’s silly and ridiculous, but there’s enough thought behind it to make us feel reasured that they’ve done their research.

It’s written by John Milius, the famous screenwriter behind Apocalypse Now, Red Dawn and Clear and Present Danger – amongst other massive films. He brings his 30 years of experience to the development, and gives Homefront a genuine sense of authority.

The second developer diary focusses on the action-packed multiplayer in Homefront. They’ve gone for large scale, vehicular warfare. So as well as fighting with your infantry, you can jump in tanks and helicopters. They’re looking to make it intuitive, accessible and fun.

Homefront’s in-game currency in based around Battle Points. BP is collected through playing; for example, you will earn points forkilling enemy soldiers and completing objectives. Once you have acquire BP, you can spend it on all sorts of things from tanks to ammo. The best stuff can be acquired early-on; this will be music to the ears of time-conscious gamers.

So, what do you think? We’ve not discussed Homefront as much as we would have liked, but it’s certainly a game we have high hopes for. Are you excited as we are? Let us know below….