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Mortal Kombat – Kollector’s Edition and Tournament Edition Revealed

Submitted by on Monday, 13 December 20104 Comments


As you may or may not know, Kratos was officially unveiled as a playable kombatant for the upcoming Mortal Kombat at the VGAs. An “extended” trailer was released celebrating this news. It’s pretty much the same video from the other day but with logos. Don’t expect to see that much new footage or anything.

However, Warner Bros. did announce that there will be three versions of Mortal Kombat available at launch. The first of which is the normal Standard edition, which is just the game itself and nothing else.

The Kollector’s Edition includes the game, Sub-Zero and Scorpion figurines, an art book, and DLC that includes a Klassic Mortal Kombat skin and an avatar costume.

The Tournament Edition includes the game, a fightstick, and the downloadable Klassic MK skin and costume. There will only be 20,000 copies of this version available in North America.

It’s unclear whether or not the avatar costume is for PS3 users as well. If it is, it seems obvious that it would be for PlayStation Home avatars. It could just be an Xbox item though due to the terminology used.

Mortal Kombat is expected to release in April, 2011. You’ll receive the following DLC if you pre-order from GameStop, Best Buy, or Amazon:

Best Buy – Klassic Sub-Zero and original Sub-Zero Fatality
Gamestop – Klassic Scorpion and original Scorpion Fatality
Amazon – Klassic Reptile and original Reptile Fatality

As of now, you can only pre-order from Amazon. The site also shows us what Klassic Reptile looks like. Check it out below: