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PS3 Attitude’s Platinum Community Member of the Month – December

Submitted by on Wednesday, 1 December 201046 Comments

Greetings readers, it’s time once again for the PS3 Attitude Platinum Community Member of the Month.  Per usual, it will still be a few days before we reveal the winners from our elephantine November contest but that’s not going to stop us from showing you what we’re giving away for December.

If you’ve been keeping up with this contest for very long, you can probably skip past this paragraph.  For those that may be new to this event, we essentially give away prizes to our top community members every month.  How do you become a top community member?  Simple.  All you have to do is comment on our articles and let us know your opinion.  It doesn’t have to be an entire novel of your thoughts, it doesn’t have to be 100% grammatically correct and it certainly doesn’t have to agree with what we think.  We’re just looking for your thoughts and opinions on any matter at hand.  At the end of the month, we pick the top readers that we feel have done this better than the rest.

So what kind of stuff do we give away?  Traditionally we hand out a few of the big games that come out during the month following the contest, but we also like to mix it up.  For November, we gave away a total of 9 prizes that consisted of solid games that flew under the radar in 2010.  Going in to the December contest, we’re returning to our usual format.  Check below to see what’s up for grabs.

Everyones favorite sackboy is back! LittleBigPlanet 2 launches on January 18 and if you're the top dog in this contest, this game is all yours.

One of the scariest horror games on the PlayStation 3 is back with a sequel. Dead Space 2 also comes out in January and if you place second in this contest, you'll have a free copy to call your own.

Blush with envy no more, Mass Effect 2 is coming to the PlayStation 3. Not only that, but it's coming in the most fleshed out form it has ever been in. As a team that played it on the X-Box, we can tell you that you should definitely be excited about this game. Place third and we'll ship it right to you.

Not a bad haul, right?  All 3 of those games are slated for a January release, so if you win, we’ll have them delivered right to your doorstep as close to the release date as we can.

So what are you waiting for?  Get down there to the comments section and tell us how badly you intent to beat everyone else.  Or if you’re not the confrontational type, you can simply tell us how much we rock.  Or, if you really want to earn some extra points, you could give us ideas for how we can improve this contest.  We’re already looking in to expanding it in the future but we always appreciate community feedback.  Give us your ideas!