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PS3A Writer’s GOTY: In the end there will only be chaos

Submitted by on Thursday, 30 December 201013 Comments

2010 has been host to many fantastic games, both exclusive and multiplatform. Seanoc has already mentioned heavy hitters including Bayonetta, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and his selection for GOTY, Gran Turismo 5. While they are all spectacular games in their own rights, they hold nothing against the fallen God of War. That’s right; I’m speaking of Kratos in God of War III, my choice for Game of the Year 2010.

We saw trailers for God of War III as early as E3 2008; teasing the seeming impossible god-killing task Kratos had planned for him. It wasn’t until E3 2009 however, that I knew that God of War III would be a game like no other.

That year, lead director Stig Asmussen walked us through the first demo of the game live on the Sony Press Conference stage. Later on that week, I would get the opportunity to play the 20 minute demo myself and immediately knew that this game was going to be something special. I would then go on to select the God of War III demo as the best moment of E3 2009.

In what may come as a surprise, this was my first hands-on experience with the God of War franchise ever. I knew that the first two games were some of the best on the PlayStation 2 but never got the chance to play them. After getting my first taste of a god’s death, I wanted more. Thankfully, Sony released the God of War Collection in November of last year so that I and thousands of other fans could catch up on the series mythology, in stunning HD of course. These first two games would occupy my time as I eagerly waited for what would soon become the best game of 2010.

God of War III would arrive in March 2010 as the epitome of everything the series had established in the previous two games, marking the end of a trilogy and the end of all gods with Kratos ultimately getting the last laugh. Our very own DolphGB reviewed the game and I couldn’t agree anymore with what he had to say.

“We can’t recommend God of War III highly enough. Whilst some may feel that this latest in the franchise is just a prettier, larger scale version of everything that came before, the new features, pacing, sound, incredible graphics and sublime gameplay – not to mention the outstanding level design – ensure that Kratos truly reaches new heights.”

Even to this day, God of War III’s graphics stand against games that are just now being released. The character animations and detail that went into Kratos and the sheer scale of the levels are two things that have yet to be matched. If the graphics don’t keep you coming back for more, the gameplay will.

God of War III has been one of the few titles where I immediately began a new game after completing it for the first time, and no, it wasn’t only because I wanted the “Unhuman” gold trophy. It’s just that good. With each playthrough, you notice more and more of the extensive world Sony Santa Monica Studios have created.  Whether you’re dealing (and taking) 400% damage with the unlockable Fear Kratos or using Hermes’ Coin for 10x the amount of red orbs, there’s always a new challenge awaiting.

Perhaps what I enjoy most about God of War III, and the entire series as well, are the unlockables. I’m not just talking about costumes and the Challenges of Olympus here either. The behind the scene looks of the development of the game are some of the most interesting and informative videos you’ll watch.

Once again, Santa Monica Studios deeply explores the ins and outs that went into creating this masterpiece for the PS3. You’ll get to know the voices behind the characters such as TC Carson (Kratos), Rip Torn (Hephaestus), and Malcolm McDowell (Daedalus). You’ll see concept art, as well as ideas and elements that were dropped from the game. Much of this is normally stuff you don’t see from developers. Then again, for many typical games there isn’t much of an interest in the development process. Then again, God of War III isn’t your typical game.

Everything must come to an end at some point, and God of War is no exception. But, as the ending credits of the game leaves Kratos’ fate a mystery, can we expect to see more of him in the future?

As we move on into 2011, Kratos will once again take up his blades of chaos and go on a killing spree, only this time it’s not gods he is hunting. Kratos has been confirmed as a PlayStation exclusive playable kombatant in the upcoming Mortal Kombat and we couldn’t be more excited. Okay, so maybe one person is more excited than the rest of us.

For these reasons, God of War III is my 2010 Game of the Year. I even went as far as purchasing the Collector’s Edition of the game. Pandora’s Box still sits on my coffee table, housing my extra PS3 controllers.

The game marks the finale of a successful trilogy that not only lives up to expectations but exceeds them in every aspect. The story, gameplay, and graphics all show off what power the PS3 is capable of. Rarely do trilogies end on a higher note than when they began. Just ask The Matrix.

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