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PSFree Attitude; Dead Rising 2 Deliciously Evil DLC Giveaway [updated with winners]

Submitted by on Tuesday, 7 December 20105 Comments

It is Tuesday, and you know what that means, don’t you?

Yes, today and repeating every Tuesday, PS3 Attitude becomes PSFree Attitude.

As usual we’ll be giving away all sorts of freebies to our loyal Twitter followers every week with prizes ranging from PSN codes for new games and DLC to physical swag that we have here at Attitude Towers.

In Dead Rising 2, there are zombies everywhere. Don’t worry though, you can pick up pretty much anything and use it as a weapon. It’s a fun game to play and the perfect survival guide for the inevitable zombie infestation. You know it’s coming, it’s just a matter of time. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out the PS3 Attitude Dead Rising 2 review.

This week, we’re giving away Dead Rising 2 DLC for the US version of the game. There’s a total of 20 vouchers, but only five winners will be randomly selected. Each winner will receive the following Dead Rising 2 add-ons:

  • Ninja Skills Pack

While wearing the ninja costume, Chuck can move through crowds of zombies with ease and he’s given new sword attacks and weapons to throw (all with an increase in damage)

  • Sports Fan Skills Pack

With this costume, Chuck will gain more health from food, wins more when gambling, he can drink to his hearts desire without getting sick, and all sports themed weapons become stronger.

  • Soldier Skills Pack

This costume gives Chuck new attacks when using assault rifles and improves his skills with firearms

  • Psycho Skills Pack

This add-on turns Chuck into a psychopath, giving him enhanced durability and stronger attacks with weapons like the chef’s knife. Since Chuck is a deranged homicidal psychopath while wearing this costume, he also gains new attacks when using weapons like the machete and meat cleaver.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Follow @Delriach @PS3Attitude and @Capcom_Unity on Twitter.

2. Imagine that you were in the middle of a zombie outbreak and there was nowhere to run. You’re cornered in a dark alley and there’s a group of zombies slowly creeping towards you. What is your weapon of choice to survive the situation? A baseball bat? Katana? Chainsaw? A brick? It doesn’t matter, you decide!

3. Now that you have your weapon of choice, tweet the following phrase (replace the “_” with your weapon):

I’ve entered #psfreeattitude from @PS3Attitude & my zombie weapon of choice is a _ – @capcom_unity

4. That’s it! The giveaway ends at 1pm BST (7am CST) on December 8th. That’s 24 hours from now (hopefully). Any tweets after 1pm BST on Dec. 8th will not be counted. We will pick 5 winners at random and post the results here and on twitter.

You need to follow @PS3Attitude, @Capcom_Unity, and @Delriach (for some reason) to win. You must include all the text mentioned above in your tweet to qualify. Good luck!

It should be noted that these codes will only work on the US version of the game.


And the winners of the Dead Rising 2 Deliciously Evil DLC giveaway are:


Congratuations and thanks for entering! Next week, there will be a giveaway for our US and EU readers. Stay tuned.