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A very brief Beyond Good & Evil HD teaser trailer

Submitted by on Monday, 10 January 201110 Comments

HD remakes of PlayStation 2 games are coming at us in numbers. It started with the God of War Collection last year, and lately we received the Prince of Persia and The Sly trilogies. In the future, we’ll get HD remakes of Tomb Raider Anniversary and Legend, and HD versions are on the way for the legendary ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.

Ubisoft is to join in on the fun by re-releasing their popular PlayStation 2 platformer Beyond Good & Evil. To build excitement for its release, a teaser trailer has been released by Ubisoft, and you can view it below:

The teaser is very brief, so we sympathise with you if you struggle to see any real improvements, but you should watch it again and then compare it to the video below, which features footage from the original version.

The main improvements are in the textures and character models, which look a lot less sharp round the edges. It is now rendering at a lovely 1080p resolution and has a much smoother frame rate. Other new features include online leaderboards and a revamped score.

Beyond Good & Evil is set in the year 2435 and follows the adventures of Jade, a local photojournalist who is out to expose a corrupt government agency that has allied itself with a dangerous alien race, who are out to enslave the locals. Jade also has a pig for an ally. It’s pretty bizarre stuff.

Beyond Good & Evil was overlook at the time of release but it developed a strong cult following. Those who missed it the first time now have the perfect opportunity to catch up thanks to this HD release.

Do we have any Beyond Good & Evil fans reading our site?