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DCUO – life after 30

Submitted by on Sunday, 30 January 2011One Comment

For PS3 owners DC Universe Online has been somewhat of a new experience. MMOs have traditionally been relegated to the realm of the PC. However, the success of games like WOW dictated that we would eventually see an attempt at a console MMO.

Those of us who are new to the genre have had many questions concerning the gameplay. Given the monthly fee, one wonders what DCUO has to offer once your hero or villain has reached the level cap (level 30) to warrant continued play. This video demonstrates what gamers can expect with their maxed out character or characters. Is there anything there to keep you playing?

Essentially what we have here are raids. A group of like leveled players bind together to take down a super charged foe.

Nothing particularly surprising here but what makes DCUO’s raids unique is the utilization of the DC Universe. Instead of fighting a giant dragon guarding a pile of gold, you will have to battle your way through an Arkham Asylum that is being overrun by inmates to fight your old friend Mr. Freeze.

It’s encouraging to see that the endgame raids have something special to offer the most dedicated gamers. For gamers that are curious as to how developers will keep the game fresh this may be a example of what is to be had.

Are you happy with the direction of DCUO post level cap?