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Dead Space 2 – behold the hand cannon

Submitted by on Monday, 31 January 201117 Comments

Dead Space 2 hasn’t been out for long, about a week actually. The follow up to 2008’s wildly successful survival horror journey has already garnered plenty of praise.

The sequel does things just about the same way as the original did; if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Nevertheless there are a few minor tweaks that give Dead Space 2 its own particular feel. Not the least of which is the arrival of ‘hardcore mode’.

The completion of hardcore mode unlocks a certain item that just may make the nearly impossible task worth a try. Take a gander at the video that explains it all. Note: the video is spoiler free in terms of plot but if you do not want to see the reward for completing hardcore mode you may want to move on to the next story.

First of all, hardcore mode insane. That is really the best way to describe it. Upon completion of the campaign players will be given the option to replay the game on hardcore mode. Here’s what that means exactly: enemies at their toughest, supplies at their fewest, no checkpoints (die and return to your last save), and lastly you are only allowed three saves in the entire game.

If you are somehow able to beat the game on hardcore mode then you sir or ma’am have unlocked one of the coolest and most unique guns ever seen in a video game. You’ll be Bang! Bang! and Pew! Pew! Pew! your way through the hordes of necromorphs with your hand cannon, a foam finger with deadly intentions.

We’ve seen some great unlock-ables before but the hilarity of the hand cannon mixed with the aesthetics of Dead Space 2 may make this one of the best.

What is your all-time favorite unlock?