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Dead Space 2 – launch trailer

Submitted by on Friday, 14 January 20114 Comments

The outlook of 2011 is bright.  PS3 owners will indeed be busy with a host of AAA titles set to explode onto the scene before we bid 2011 adieu.  One of the first of these incendiary titles to release is Dead Space 2.

All of us that played the first game remember making our way through the USG Ishimura, eying the million vents, and shooting the appendages off of countless necromorphs.  Today we are given a look inside Isaac Clarke’s next tour with the official Dead Space 2 launch trailer.

What does EA have in store for you this time that will keep you playing in daytime hours?

The success of the initial game made the creation of Dead Space 2 a foregone conclusion.

News about the sequel however has been rather polarizing.  Among the most debated topics is the issuance of multiplayer.  Traditionalists believe that this was a complete waste of development time and money.  Shoehorning a mode into the game in an attempt to grab some more cash at the expense of core development.  Others may say that that addition of mulitiplayer is nothing more than a sign of the times.

If the video above is any indication of the actual game it looks like those concerned about a letdown can put those worries to bed.  The game play appears to have maintained much of the aspects that made the original great with added abilities.  Isaac is back with a vengeance and this time he has a voice and a face to boot.

It looks like EA has made rounding out Isaac’s character more of a priority this time around.  Instead of a vessel for the many set pieces, Isaac looks to be the crux of the story.  His motives and the struggle inside his mind take center stage.

Without having actually played the full game we are only able to glean information via trailers and interviews.  Be that as it may all signs point to Dead Space 2 dutifully building upon the foundation laid down by its predecessor.

The wait until January 25th is almost over (January 28th for the UK/EU).  We can’t wait to take a spin through Isaac’s mind and sever our way through hordes of necromorphs.  For more information check out our impressions of the Dead Space 2 demo.

How do you play Dead Space?  Let the sunshine in or immerse yourself in the darkness?