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Duke Nukem Forever gets a release date, seriously

Submitted by on Monday, 24 January 20115 Comments

It appears that the unthinkable is upon us. Despite their finest efforts, the fates could not sufficiently bury Duke Nukem Forever.

It was practically 13 years ago that we first got the announcement that Duke Nukem Forever was in development, and now that development cycle is on the verge of completion.

In other news the city of Atlantis is alive and well and Elvis will be playing Caesar’s Palace later this year.

Some of us may have understandably written this game off but alas it has been dated. Find out when you can expect to get your hands on the infamous title.

U.S. gamers will get the first crack at Duke Nukem Forever on May 3 while European PS3 owners gain access three days later on May 6.

This title was once thought to be little more than vaporware. Remember that Duke Nukem Forever is a game that is a sequel to Duke Nukem 3D which was delivered in 1996.

Below is a brief list of a few things that have happened since the initial announcement of Duke Nukem Forever:

  • 1998- European nations agree on a single currency (euro)
  • 2000- PS2 launches
  • 2005- PS2 become the fastest gaming console to ship 100 million units
  • 2006- Astronomers determine that Pluto is not a planet
  • 2006- PS3 debuts
  • 2009- Water is found on the moon
  • 2010- Launch of the PlayStation Move

In case you were wondering how the game compares to the original check out the trailer above.

Whether you love him or hate him, Duke Nukem is undeniably original. Brash, abrasive and never hesitant to toe the line of decency, few characters have approached his seemingly larger than life personality.

Now that Duke Nukem Forever has an imminent release it will be interesting to see how the franchise has changed since the original. In its heyday Duke Nukem 3D was one of the best first person shooters available but the genre has seen great innovation since then.

Will this game try to do something fresh and imaginative or simply serve as a tribute piece to those with fond memories? We’ll just have to wait and see.

When you find Duke Nukem Forever on store shelves in May will you buy, rent or have yourself a laugh as you move on to something else?