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Final Fantasy Versus XIII gameplay trailer

Submitted by on Tuesday, 18 January 20116 Comments

Following today’s announcement of Final Fantasy XIII-2, the question we kept hearing was: “What about Final Fantasy Versus XIII?” They had a point. Despite being announced in 2006, Square Enix has been very quiet about this game, and the news of another Final Fantasy XIII variation has made many people concerned over the health of the Versus XIII project.

Thankfully, Square today quashed these fears in the best way possible, by releasing a new trailer for Versus XIII. It shows a lot of gameplay and some nice FMV. The game is certainly alive and it looks to be in good shape.

Versus XIII is the darker twin of the Final Fantasy XIII games. While XIII, released in 2010, was bright, colourful and stylish; the same cannot be said of Versus XIII. It has a wholly independent story, it is set in a different world and it has different characters. One may ask why they even bothered calling it XIII at all.

When you view the trailer, you will see characters fighting machines in urban environments. This alone puts it more in line with VIII and VIII than it does with X, XI or XIII. The only Final Fantasy of recent time that revelled in urban environments was Crisis Core on the PSP – unsurprising, considering it is set in the world of VII. The gameplay appears to be similar to Crisis Core as well.

The beginning FMV sequence is approached with a realistic style, showing lead character Noctis in the back-seat of a car travelling towards a city that is not unlike the many major cities of today. It should be said that these FMV sequences are amongst the most impressive Square has ever made, almost photo-real.

Those who are fearing a dreary game, who are hoping for a bit more colour, will be pleased to see the clips showing sunny locations out in the countryside. We already know that airships are returning allowing you to travel across the map – yes, that means towns are back –  so we are hopeful that the game will offer enough variety.

Versus XIII reminds us of VIII in many ways; it also had a darker style, and those early scenes showing Noctis and Stella Fox, the attractive young lady (of royal blood), bring back memories of Squall and Renoa.

There is still no release date for Versus XIII, but at least we now know Square has not forgotten about this dark twin.

So which Final Fantasy excites you most? XIII-2? Versus XIII-2? XIV? None of them? Let us know below.

[source: CVG]