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Gran Turismo Anywhere to arrive in early February

Submitted by on Monday, 17 January 20114 Comments

This is news that will surely make a few PS3 Attitude posters happy. Gran Turismo Anywhere – the feature that allows you to drive B-Spec races remotely from another device – is expected to be available from early February. This date came directly from the game’s creator Kazunori Yamauchi via his Twitter account (translated by Rob Groove).

Gran Turismo Anywhere will allow you to control B-Spec races from the official Gran Turismo website, so you can still enjoy Gran Turismo 5 even when you’re separated from your console. You can even remotely race from your smart phone.

There are limitations: the PlayStation 3 must be turned on with the game running and set to the remote race screen. This may put off those considering playing from work – not that we suggest you play games when you should be working – or anywhere that isn’t their home.

Winning B-Spec races is a good way to make money in Gran Turismo 5. Some of our posters (especially Vicheous and Axe99) have B-Spec races running in the background while they are doing other things such as posting on PS3 Attitude, and they’ll be delighted to know that they can work in another room and manage their drivers from their browser.

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