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Heavy Rain tops Goozex’s 2010 most wanted list

Submitted by on Tuesday, 11 January 201111 Comments

Goozex, the number one video trading site, has released a list of its most requested games of 2010, and in a surprise twist, three of the top ten are PlayStation 3 exclusives.

The entire list comprises of two Microsoft Xbox console exclusives, with the rest mostly multi-format titles. It contains the expected AAA titles, such as Red Dead Redemption, BioShock 2 and Final Fantasy, but perhaps the biggest shock is Heavy Rain topping their list.

With such parity between Microsoft and Sony going into 2011, is it possible that this year might see the console wars start to shift in Sony’s favour?The entire list comprises Goozex’s most requested games from its users over the entire period from 2010 – 2011. Their top ten houses a few surprises:

Overall Top 10 Most Requested Items on Goozex in 2010:

  1. Heavy Rain
  2. Red Dead Redemption
  3. God of War III
  4. Mass Effect 2
  5. Alan Wake
  6. BioShock 2
  7. Final Fantasy XIII
  8. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
  9. Bayonetta
  10. Battlefield: Bad Company 2

As mentioned previously, three PlayStation 3 exclusives find their way onto the list in the form of Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain, Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 2,  and Santa Monica Studio’s God of War 3. These are all brilliant games and we know you’ll agree, however the surprise comes in Heavy Rain ranking at Number one.

Quantic Dream’s thriller, despite most of its press being intensely positive (check out DolphGB’s review), only managed to shift one million units – although still well above the 200 thousand estimated by David Cage. But the fact it appears on the list suggests that demand for the game is still high among gamers who have yet to experience its brilliance. In fairness sake, it cannot be discounted that Move support, which was added later in the year, has possibly spurred people on to getting it second hand

Also a surprise is seeing the Sega published, Platinum Games developed, Bayonetta on the list. Bayonetta is a brilliantly weird and wonderful action game (and unmistakeably Japanese), but despite winning IGN’s game of the year award and drawing a high amount of critical acclaim, it was hardly a roaring commercial success; yet, it still finds itself 9th on Goozex’s list.

The most interesting thing about the list for us is the second hand nature of Goozex’s business. While games such as Bayonetta and Heavy Rain weren’t seen to be a huge commercial success, there is clearly a massive demand for these games. With companies like EA aggressively pursuing alternative pricing possibilities, is it time that the price of games is investigated? Or does the huge development costs of games such as Modern Warfare 2 and Fifa (which you’ll notice do not appear on the list) justify their price? As always, leave a comment after the beep.