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Homefront dev diary: Fight for Freedom

Submitted by on Tuesday, 4 January 20114 Comments

The holiday season is now officially over; PRs are back at work, and we’re writing more, so this means more coverage for you guys. THQ are kicking off the new year with an impressive new developer diary for their upcoming first-person shooter, Homefront, which shows the Fight for Freedom.

In Homefront, Kaos Studios want you to feel like the underdog; so as a member of the resistance, you will work with shoddy equipment, wear shabby clothes, be outnumbered and generally find yourself in unwelcome situation. So not like other first-person shooters, say Modern Warfare for example, where you can take on whole armies with the best armour and top of the range laser-scoped rifles.

What does this mean for the gameplay then? Kaos Studios say we’ll be looking at “get in and out” situations, which sounds less like an on-the-rails shooter and more guerrilla warfare to us. They also want to attach emotion to the violence, and get away from the “massacre fatigue” (where you become desensitised to violence) that you get from most shooters . This ties in with the shots we have seen in a previous developer diary, which showed graphic scenes of  atrocities. In this trailer, there is a shot of a civilian being shot in the back while trying to escape, which is pretty disturbing to view.

There’s no getting away from the fact that this is a pretty unrealistic scenario being played out, but Kaos Studios appears to be doing a good job keeping Homefront grounded in realism, and the use of familiar chains such as Hooters and White Castle restaurants should help keep the player attached to the world.

There are many first-person shooters available on the PlayStation 3, but few quite like Homefront. The only thing that has us worried are the dated graphics, but hopefully they will be improved, at least a little, before release.