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Homefront trailer is not normal

Submitted by on Friday, 28 January 20116 Comments

Homefront is a first-person shooter set in the near future that explores a world in which an economically desolate United States is invaded by North Korea. A novel approach sure but something that also isn’t exactly innovative given the genre. Beings have invaded your land, fight to defend everything you hold dear.

Developed by Kaos Studios and Published by THQ, Homefront looks to somewhat flip the script on the traditional FPS with the advent of an engrossing narrative. An ambitious task given the adage of action first plot second.

THQ has released a trailer that can be called interesting at the very least. This trailer definitely bucks the notion of a ‘normal’. Have a look to see what we mean.

Where Homefront departs from your average shooter is in the actual story telling. The story is penned by John Milius. If you don’t know who that is then you may know some of the screenplays he has written, most notably Apocalypse Now and Red Dawn.

It isn’t often that we see a writer of another medium cross over into video games. In fact most of the time we see the trend going the opposite direction with movies like Resident Evil, Max Payne, and Uncharted.

Perhaps this is a harbinger of things to come. The growth of the video game industry displays the potential for a type of expression that talented people in other fields may not have yet explored. Established film directors like Steven Spielberg and Guillermo Del Toro are already dipping their toes into the business.

As for the trailer there isn’t much to be gleaned. We know from previous releases that the US is invaded and all infrastructure is collapsing. The flu pandemic could be a manufactured virus. Sort of a low level biological weapon aimed at eliminating the American will to fight back.

Be it sinister in nature or not it is obvious that the flu is firmly gripping the health and fears of the people.

Homefront is slated for release in early March (March 8 US/March11 EU) and it will be fascinating to see how the story plays. For move coverage check out our earlier coverage.

What do you think about Hollywood types making their imprint on the video game industry?