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inFamous 2 details emerge

Submitted by on Tuesday, 11 January 201114 Comments

Much has happened in the time between our last play through of inFamous leading up to the release of inFamous 2.

Sucker Punch has displayed some breathtaking trailers displaying the new setting, abilities and characters of the much anticipated follow-up.  As it stands Cole himself has received a character model overhaul, only to have it scaled back to more similarly reflect the original.

While we will all have to wait and see if the development choices make for a great sequel, SCEA has released a fact sheet detailing the storyline as well as some key features that will make for an improved inFamous experience.  So what exactly is Cole MacGrath up to?

At the conclusion of the first game you’re  given knowledge of something simply called ‘The Beast’ that is raising all kinds of hell somewhere in the near future.  The objective of Kessler(aka future you) was to prepare you to do battle with this shadowy figure in order to save the world.  Depending on how you chose to play, Cole MacGrath is either rebuilding or reigning over the nearly destroyed Empire City.

The second chapter of inFamous begins with a massive explosion ripping through Empire City leaving Cole barely able to escape with his life.  In typical Empire City fashion blame for this incident is heaped upon our energy wielding hero.  The true source of the blast however is ‘The Beast’ whose powers greatly outweigh those of our protagonist.

In order to stop the mysterious entity from effectively snuffing out all of mankind Cole goes on a quest to find a scientist in New Marais that can hopefully provide some semblance of answers on how to stop the seemingly unstoppable force.

Based on the stated improvements it appears that instead of overhauling the game that won so much acclaim, Sucker Punch is focused on improving upon the already implemented game mechanics.

Promised in the release along with advanced powers is the addition of a dynamic open world experience that will allow for ‘over 100 simultaneous characters on screen, new gangs, destructible buildings and collapsible environments.’

The most note-worthy improvement has to do with an ‘evolved morality system’ that aims to offer in-game decisions that directly affect the outcome of the story.  Karmic choices in the original had mostly involved whether or not you would save a helpless citizen caught in the throes of an angry mob.  A nice touch but these choices ultimately felt hollow; a good idea that failed to deliver on its potential.  Perhaps this time a small choice here and there will amount to a net gain or loss for Cole.

It is always exciting to hear that development studios are working hard to improve the games that you love.  The question remains: Is Sucker Punch doing enough to improve upon its much heralded franchise?