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Killzone 3 trailer featuring McDowell and Winstone as Helghast leaders at war

Submitted by on Thursday, 6 January 201115 Comments

Guerrilla Games today released a story trailer for Killzone 3, which shows unrest in Helghast politics following the death of Scolar Visari. Since his death, two figures have become highly influential, Jorhan Stahl, the scheming Stahl Arms CEO, and Admiral Orlock, the gruff Helghast Admiral. It is clear there is no fondness between these two figures.

They appear to have the same objective, the complete destruction of the ISA, but whether they will agree on how to achieve this aim is another matter. Near the end of the trailer, Orlock confronts Stahl over his refusal to lend one of his most powerful prototype weapons to the cause, to which Stahl refutes by saying he will not allow his weapons to fall into the hand of a “total incompetent”; fisticuffs follow.

Lending their voices to the roles are Hollywood heavyweights Malcolm McDowell and Ray Winstone. The Yorkshire born McDowell, famous for his roles in A Clockwork Orange and Caligula, is the voice of Stahl, while Winstone (Scum, Sexy Beast, and Beowulf) is the voice of Admiral Orlock, which may suit his hardman persona.

It is going to be a difficult task for these two actors to banish the ghost of Scolar Vasari, who is a hard act to follow. It’s hard to forget those sounds and images from Killzone 2’s intro, which had Visari, voiced by Brian Cox, rousing the Helghast Empire to war against the ISA. The scene is powerful, and instantly paints an intimidating picture of the Helghast in the player’s mind.

That said, Guerrilla Games struggled to immerse players further with Killzone 2’s story. There was little else of interest to learn about the Helghast after the rousing intro, and this gave us, at least, little reason to hate or even to pity them. Neither did we find ourselves much attached to our squad, the archetypal space marine soldiers.

However, development team claim to have taken notice, and this appears to be true, judging by the more complex political landscape on show. The trailer also shows tensions between Sev, Rico and Narville – as you would expect from a squad stranded on a hostile planet, with a massive technologically advanced army after their blood – and this bodes well for those looking for a more interesting story.

This is no small feat

Nevertheless, not everyone wants a tight story or interesting characters, some just want a fun sci-fi shooter – and there are few series as accomplished as Killzone is. Killzone 3 looks set to surpass its predecessor in most departments: set pieces are to be larger, weapons to be more powerful, enemies are certainly more dangerous and varied (and seemingly much larger), and everything appears to be rammed up to 11. Those ninja-style Helghast who fly onto the screen at the end of the trailer look especially cool. There’s a touch of Grey Fox about them.

We have been hands-on with Killzone 3 in the BETA and have played some of the singleplayer, and we already think that it is a much more enjoyable game to control than Killzone 2; it is slicker and faster without ever losing that weighty feel. The new gadgets such as the jetpacks are also better than expected and prove to offer much more than a gimmick.

Killzone 3 is due for release on February 2011. Make sure you view the trailer at the top of the page, and of course, share your thoughts below.

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