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New L.A. Noire screenshots: interrogations, wrinkles and lots of Phelps

Submitted by on Monday, 17 January 20115 Comments

Although the vast majority of Rockstar’s games involve very similar game play mechanics, the famed developer has managed to keep things fresh with a bevy of interesting characters and new environments.

Upon first glance L.A Noire is set up to be somewhat of a Grand Theft Auto circa 1940 but within the details of the game lies a slight tweak that potentially flips the script on the conventional Rockstar storyline. As seasoned gamers we are trained to think anti-hero when we see Rockstar and vice-versa. Characters like John Marston and Nico Bellic have filled this role admirably.

Enter Cole Phelps, a straight arrow if you’ve ever seen one. In Phelps, players will take on the role of a cop in the LAPD. Rockstar has allowed us to observe Mr. Phelps in action behind the safety of a two way mirror. Do you want to be the good cop or the bad cop?

Much has been made about the seemingly real characters that Rockstar has implemented into L.A. Noire via motion capture technology. Based on these screenshots and video above (first seen last month), people have a right to be excited.

The characters carry an air of realism and most importantly weight that distinguishes them from the norm. Emotion is evident from twinges in a face or the posture of a suspect. Cole’s impatience for example can be read by his pursed lips and narrowing eyes.

This isn’t the first time that we have seen motion capture animation at work. Last year’s Heavy Rain showcased very similar character models to much critical acclaim.

Considering that much of the game is poured into a player’s ability to tell fact from fiction this tech will make or break the game. If it delivers on the promise that it has so far displayed then Rockstar will have potentially created one the most¬†immersible¬†games that has ever been seen.

For more information on this gritty detective tale check out our earlier coverage. How excited are you for L.A. Noire? Remember we can tell when you are lying.