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Say hello to two new PS3 Attitude writers…

Submitted by on Monday, 10 January 20119 Comments

Today PS3 Attitude are pleased to announce two new writers are joining our merry band of volunteers.

As you may know, PS3 Attitude is written not only to provide you with the best PS3-related stories and commentary, but also for good causes. Every ounce of revenue we generate is given to GamesAid, the video game industry charity.

So who are these two new recruits, helping to keep you informed about daily PS3 happenings?

First of all, please say a big ‘hello’ to Sassun.

Sassun is a self-styled geek, and proud of it. Ever since being gifted a Master System 18 years ago, and after playing his first session of California Games, he’s been hooked. A gadget lover at heart, we asked Sassun if he could be any cartoon character, who would he be:

“Since I’d rather keep my love of Jessica Rabbit off of the internet, it has to be Bobby Hill from ‘King of the Hill’. As for why, I’ll leave it up to him to explain – ‘Dad, I’m confused. So you should trust people until they betray you, and then try to blow them up?'”

In addition to Sassun, we’d like you to give a warm welcome to Ryanmoto3.

Ever since his parents caved in to his demands and bought him a SNES, he’s been a gaming addict. He admits he may even have done irreparable damage to his kidneys by holding his water instead of walking away from Metal Gear Solid cut-scenes!

When we asked Ryanmoto3 which cartoon character he would be, here was his response:

“The Joker from Batman The Animated Series. Mark Hamill’s voice is the perfect match for the animation. It is the ultimate blend of humor, psychosis and satire. I loved watching Joker/Batman battles as a kid after school and I love them still on DVD. This is the quintessential Joker and any other attempts are a distant second.”

Our two new recruits reinforce the Transatlantic nature of PS3 Attitude, with Sassun hailing from the UK while Ryanmoto3 comes to us from West Coast USA.

Look out for their first contributions and please say a big hello to them in the comments below.