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Yakuza 4 trailer – get to know the team

Submitted by on Saturday, 22 January 20113 Comments

Last March us western worlders got our hands on the Yakuza 3. Almost 2 full years after it was originally released in Japan.

This time around Sega is trying to do right by us. Giving us Yakuza 4 in March a comparatively short year after the Japanese release. It is unknown why we must wait so long but as the game is in Japanese proper English subtitles would be more than helpful in developing the story. Something we will certainly be thankful for.

Sega has seen fit to provide us with a new trailer introducing the team of playable characters that make up Yakuza 4.

How about you take a look? Or we’ll cut your finger off.

Much was made stateside as well as in Europe about the rather ‘incompleteness’ if you will of Yakuza 3.

The western version of the game was missing two elements from its Japanese counterpart. A mini-game about Japanese history and the famed hostess clubs.

As you can imagine fans weren’t exactly¬†clamoring¬†for a chance to learn more about Japanese history. No, the people wanted easy women and those women can be found in the many hostess clubs of Tokyo’s red light district. Just not for EU and US gamers.

Well relationship enthusiasts, we’re happy to tell you that Yakuza 4 will include all of the skirt chasing that you previously missed out on. Nothing is being stripped down from the original game.

And now back to the trailer. It features all 4 of the playable characters that represents a bit of a departure from Yakuza games of the past.

Seemingly inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Kill Bill’ the trailer opens with a calming voice over blanketed over scenes of incredible displays of brutality. We are introduced to the team: Shun Akiyama (a loan shark), Taiga Saejiima (our resident brawler), Masayoshi Tanimura (martial arts expert), and of course our main man Kazuma Kiryu.

If you grew tired of the action in Yakuza 3 these 3 additional characters will hopefully provide enough variety to keep the game fresh.

We can’t wait to take a tour around Tokyo visiting clubs, exploring the city, and taking down all those that stand in our way. Not to mention picking up a motorcycle and beating someone with it.

If you find yourself thirsting for more, check out our additional coverage here and here.

Look for Yakuza 4 to hit store shelves March 15 in the states and March 18 in Europe.

What do you think of Yakuza 4’s team of exceptional fighters?