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This Dead Island trailer will send chills down your spine

Submitted by on Thursday, 17 February 201112 Comments

Rarely do trailers invoke so many emotions such as this teaser trailer for Techland’s upcoming zombie survival horror game, Dead Island. What started off as a lovely vacation on a tropical island has suddenly turned violent as flesh-eating zombies have taken over the resort. It’s survival of the fittest and judging by the trailer, not everyone will make it out alive.

The trailer opens like an episode of Lost with a close up of an eye as it slowly pans out to reveal the blood soaked body of a young girl. It is then revealed that this is the end result of a horrible zombie attack. As the trailer rewinds, we are given flashbacks of how the girl came to be lying on the ground. Eventually, the two scenes catch up to each other in the middle to end what so far has been the best trailer of 2011.

Dead Island has been in development for years now, and some people even wondered if it had been cancelled. Obviously that is not the case. No doubt this trailer will spark a renewed interest in the title as evident by Dead Island being skyrocketed to a trending topic on Twitter. Let’s just hope that the game ends up being as good as the trailer.