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Deus Ex Human Revolution screenshots: just look at that lighting

Submitted by on Sunday, 27 February 20115 Comments

Speaking broadly, there are two things that make Deus Ex Human Revolution a very exciting game: firstly, it is smart, especially for a first-person shooter; and secondly, it looks supremely cool, as you can see from the latest screenshots from publisher Square Enix.

Deus Ex games have always had a very distinctive art style, and with Human Revolution, developer Eidos Montréal are staying true to the series’ Cyberpunk roots. It’s a style that can look very elegant and stylish, but it can also look sterile. The heavy use of blues and greys to dress the cities make them seem like soulless and unwelcoming places – which we presume is intentional – but there is also some fantastic lighting, giving each location a wonderful orange, yellow or golden glow, and it creates a lovely mysterious feel.

What also helps is that many of Human Revolution’s locations, from what we’ve seen, look as though they could have come from Blade Runner. This isn’t a bad thing in our books. Blade Runner is after all one of the most recognizable films ever created, and one of the most loved. If cannot have a decent Blade Runner game on the PlayStation 3, we can at least enjoy Human Revolution, which is certain to be great when it arrives in April.

We are also quite fond of Adam Jensen’s well-groomed facial hair.

Check out the screenshots below: