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Behind the game: five fun facts from Killzone 3 developer Guerrilla Games

Submitted by on Monday, 21 February 20114 Comments

Killzone 3, the unashamedly butch, badass and drop-dead gorgeous first-person shooter from Dutch developer Guerrilla Games, is out next week, and we’re currently playing through it, preparing for the PS3 Attitude review. We’re not in a position to give our verdict, yet, but we have a good feeling that fans be delighted with the latest instalment in the series.

We’ve also been speaking to our friends at Guerrilla, who have kindly shared five interesting pieces of trivia about Killzone 3 and the team behind it. Forget all you know about the guys at Guerrilla; they may enjoy gouging out Helghast eyes – yes, we love the new brutal melee system – but they‘re really a nice bunch: good, animal-loving, people. Here are five thoughts straight from Guerrilla’s fancy new HQ:

  • Keep your eyes alert when playing through the game; there’s a babydoll hidden in almost every singleplayer level. If you ask us, an intergalactic battlefield is not the place for babydolls.
  • We recall many people complaining that Killzone 2 was too grey, that there was a lack of variation in its locations. It’s something Guerrilla has taken on board with Killzone 3. We’re sure you’ve already seen the arctic levels, but there’s also a jungle base. The jungle base is based around a crashed cruiser in a hostile alien jungle. Expect a hostile welcome.
  • During the development of Killzone 3, over a dozen Guerrillas became parents; unfortunately, one cat past away too. It’s an interesting twist on the Four Weddings and a Funeral story, only much cooler; after all, all this loving happened over a backdrop of guns, space marines, aliens and incredible technology – and there wasn’t an Andie MacDowell or Hugh Grant in sight.
  • As mentioned earlier, the Guerrillas love their animals. “There were two dogs, three cats and numerous mice living with us in the old building”, said one Guerrilla. It sounds like a great working environment; sadly, this Edenic state had to come to an end. The team recently moved into their new offices 500 meters further up the canal. We’re told they are very fancy: “It has extra space and power sockets, but fewer animals.”
  • What did the Guerrillas play in their spare time? Maybe something gory like Dead Space 2? Or did they “man” it up with some Black Ops online? Actually, they played something a little, well a lot, more cheerful: “To escape the dark and pressing environment of the Killzone universe, the animation team loved to play the happy joyful Everybody’s Tennis during their lunch breaks.”

We never saw that one coming, and neither did Clap Hanz by the sounds of things: “Our interest for this game reached the Japanese studio who created Everybody’s Tennis. So they decided to add a Helghast character in their next Everybody’s Tennis game for the PSP.” We doubt that the heavy-footed Helghast are built for tennis but we approve all the same.

Hope you enjoyed these snippets of information from the devs on life at Guerrilla Games. Guerrilla is one of the most important studios working on the PlayStation 3. With Killzone 2, and now with Killzone 3, they have set the bar high for other developers to beat. They always seem capable of squeezing that little bit extra processing power from the console when most others can’t.

Killzone will be released in stores in North America tomorrow and in Europe on 25 February. There is a demo available on the PlayStation Store for those in doubt.

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