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inFamous 2 – a man’s got to have a code

Submitted by on Tuesday, 1 February 20116 Comments

You may be saying to yourself: ‘wait a minute I already know everything there is to know about the morality system in inFamous 2, they had the same one in the original’. Well friend that one was less than stellar and this year with inFamous 2 Sucker Punch hopes to reinvent their morality scheme to create something that is both significant and thought provoking.

We’ve got the scoop straight from Sucker Punch’s own Ken Schramm as to what the new and improved morality system will feature. Also there is a new video that provides some insight into the type of choices Cole McGrath will be making this time around (as well as the consequences). Oh and don’t forget the screenshots. There’s plenty to be had here so go on in and have yourself a look.

As Cole your morality choices will be divided upon the paths of two new characters. You will have the opportunity to follow Kuo, an NSA agent out to help Cole or Nix, a New Marias native on a warpath of revenge in hopes of settling the score with New Marias’s newest ruling dictator Bertrand.

Kuo is a NSA agent working to help Cole defeat the Beast. Nix is a New Marais native that grew up in the swamps around New Marias, whose hatred for Bertrand stems from witnessing him kill her family. She is your hedonistic guide that coaxes Cole into not thinking about the consequences of his actions. There will be multiple crossroads where Cole will decide to follow Kuo’s lead or give into Nix’s temptations. Your choices will directly affect the gameplay by permanently remaining in the world. Whatever path you choose, remember that in inFAMOUS 2 you can always change your mind. It’s never too late to look for redemption… or to say “to hell with it” and become selfish. -Ken Schramm

This is absolutely inspiring news regarding one of the PS3’s top exclusive titles. The added weight of one’s decision making will make the game all the more engrossing.

It seems Sucker Punch is aiming to strike a balance between those that prefer a more casual morality system and those of us that are more scorched earth absolutists. As with any development choice this will simultaneously please and disappoint fans depending on their stance.

In any event take a glance at Kuo and Nix in the gallery below and give us your thoughts on the new developments. If you’re looking for a quick refresher of the inFamous 2 story glance at  some of our previous coverage.