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A revealing Red Faction: Armageddon trailer

Submitted by on Friday, 4 February 20113 Comments

See it. Shoot it. Destroy it. Repeat. A simple formula that spawned a unique franchise.

Slated for a May release the newest game in the series: Red Faction: Armageddon looks to take the outfit in a slightly different direction. Instead of miners rising up against the oppressive hand group of violent groups, this version appears to dip its toe into the sci-fi realm. How much of a departure is this from previous games? Have a look.

Red Faction has been dazzling us since the days of the PS2. Completely destructible environments has been the calling card of this franchise since the first iteration and the developers have continued to build upon just that premise. Many have tried to duplicate the mechanics but most often the result is a game that makes one wish they were playing Red Faction.

The first thing that you notice in the trailer is that (surprise) we are headed back to the red planet to do some damage. However that is the last time that you see a striking resemblance to the Red Faction that you knew.

It becomes increasingly obvious that this is a clear-cut separation from previous cannon.

Red Faction: Guerrilla had the Earth Defense Force to contend with while in Red Faction: Armageddon a new foe, who happens to look an awful lot like Quan Chi, is hell-bent on properly extinguishing your life with an army of what can best be described as fish-men and a host of other worldly beasts ready to tear you limb from limb.

As we know much of the game will take place from within the planet rather than on the surface. No doubt this creates great potential for players to significantly effect the landscape as you progress through the game. Hey if you don’t have a way out, blast an exit.

If you count yourself among those excited about Red Faction: Armageddon check out some of our earlier coverage.

Now that you’ve seen the trailer, has Red Faction: Armageddon’s journey into they sci-fi world helped or hurt its prospects?