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Stay classy Dragon Age II

Submitted by on Monday, 14 February 20117 Comments

If Dragon Age II has fallen into the periphery we will forgive you. After all 2011 is quite the embarrassment of riches.

Bioware’s third foray on the PS3 is looking stellar as evidenced by this epic trailer.

Dragon Age proper received a fair share of complaints to go with all the praise it garnered. Console gamers grumbled about the fact that the combat and difficulty was a watered-down version of the PC adaptation. Framerate and uninspired menus didn’t much quell the detractors either. The purest way to play was with a keyboard and mouse not a dual-shock and comfy couch.

This time around Dragon Age II has been given a nice console friendly adjustment. For one the conversation wheel of Mass Effect 2 fame is being integrated into the game.

No doubt reflecting on some of the miscues in the original game and the potential of the series in the console realm has given Bioware reason to tweak a few aspects for the sequel.

With a veteran development team in Bioware at the helm PS3 owners can bank on a much improved Dragon Age experience.

The trailer reintroduces us to the three classes of champions for gamers to choose: warrior, mage and rogue. Rest assured the blood splatter will find you no matter which class you align yourself with. How it gets there (levitating an enemy and tearing them apart as a mage has a certain indescribable flair to it) is completely up to you.

With a little less than a month separating all of us from the scheduled release date (March 8 US/March 11 EU) it won’t be long until we’ll be hacking, casting and researching skill trees.

Dead is dead in the mind of your enemies but which class is the best fit for you in your life?

If you thirst for more video, check out the incredible ‘destiny’ trailer.