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A trio of Test Drive Unlimited 2 videos

Submitted by on Tuesday, 8 February 20113 Comments

We stand on the brink of Test Drive Unlimited 2’s release (Feb 8 US/Feb 11 EU) and in order to properly inspire gamers to relinquish their cash (if they haven’t already) Atari has delivered three new videos brandishing the game’s beauty.

The Test Drive Unlimited series has taken a page out of the MMO book and focuses much of its efforts on presenting gamers with an über rich multiplayer experience.

Given a decent internet connection players are thrust almost instantly into the multiplayer jungle. For the original game that meant cruising around the island of Oahu (Hawai’i) while this time around Eden Games has chosen the Mediterranean scenery of Ibiza.

If you’re driving around the island you’re effectively engaged in the multiplayer lobby. A simple flash of the headlights is all you need to spark a PvP race.

Until we buckle ourselves in and take Test Drive Unlimited 2 for a spin we won’t know how the development team has tweaked many of the gameplay mechanics but we most definitely can marvel at the vehicle models.

As shown in the Bugatti trailer, the cars look amazing. It’s obvious that Eden Games set out to render their fleet of cars with a focus on the details.

All in all the game certainly looks impressive but with Gran Turismo 5, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, and Split/Second already on store shelves it remains to be seen if Test Drive Unlimited 2 is able to carve out a niche for itself.

Given the vaunted lineup of racing games currently available where does Test Drive Unlimited 2 settle in?

For those of you in the Aston Martin camp check out the trailer in our previous coverage.