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Batman: Arkham City – We Want You to see these screenshots

Submitted by on Friday, 4 February 20114 Comments

As if to remind us that there is also a new video game on horizon to go along with all the news regarding Christopher Nolan’s next film, Warner Bros. have released four new screenshots giving us a deeper look at the environments and villains that gamers will encounter in Batman: Arkham City.

Arkham City marks the introduction of Two Face as he was one of the few villains not included in the original. The coin-flipping, duality enthusiast will be sure to wreck shop in Gotham later this year (hopefully) but until then get a good, long look at his ugly mug as well as Harley Quinn’s alternatively gorgeous visage.

The developers at Rocksteady gave us a great game with Batman: Arkham Asylum and they hope to build upon their success with the sequel.

Arkham City aims to take all of the action of Arkham Asylum and open it up to the vast landscape that is Gotham City.

No longer will players be restricted to the island institution. This time around the Dark Knight is thrust into a newly established district of Gotham designed to house the throngs of evil-doers (how can this plan fail?).

While we will have to wait longer to even acquire a release date for Batman: Arkham City these screens look very promising along side the others that we’ve seen.

Take a look at the gallery and give us your thoughts on Batman’s next venture.