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Anarchy Reigns; where death is unavoidable

Submitted by on Sunday, 6 March 2011One Comment

How many times have you been playing a fighting game only to have the time run out and the match decided by your remaining life. Frustrating, right? In Platinum Games’ upcoming Anarchy Reigns, when they say “fight to the death” they really mean it.

Not only are the other players out to spill your blood the environment is out to get you as well. SEGA’s new beat’em up introduces giant rotary blades, tidal waves, and more that will surely kill you if your opponents don’t.

The latest trailer for Anarchy Reigns showcases some of the deadly forces you may encounter while you’re bashing your enemy’s face in. Depending on what stage you’re fighting in, you may encounter one of these death bringers.

The Excavator is a mobile saw factory, cutting down anything or anyone that gets in its way. Then there’s the massive wall of water coming your way in the form of a Tsunami. Taking a page out of Call of Duty’s play book is Capet Bombing which calls in an air strike to rain down bombs all over the battlefield.

There appears to be plenty more environmental hazards  such as earthquakes and giant squid monsters that will ensure death to all. From the looks of things, players will be able to use some of these hazards to their advantage as well.

What crazy type of death are you most excited to see, and are there any others you think Anarchy Reigns should have? Let us know in the comments!