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Crysis 2 – A launch trailer not be missed

Submitted by on Thursday, 24 March 20114 Comments

In case you hadn’t heard Crysis 2 is dropping this week. The fact that the original still remains as a high water mark for graphics capability a whole 3 years after its release date is enough reason to get excited about the sequel.

If you need something a little more to get yourself amped for the game this trailer will no doubt help. Just watch it already, it’s awesome.

Lending his voice to the cause is the Grammy nominated artist B.o.B.

Independently the video and the song can stand on their own merits but the beauty is in the seamless blending of the two. They have come together to spawn a trailer that evokes tremendous emotion.

It is difficult to recall a trailer, video game or otherwise, that achieved the level of undeniable quality exhibited here. It’s safe to say that production values are high. Quite the positive sign for a game that has bears the weight of practically insurmountable expectations.

Especially in light of the reality that frankly a good game will not suffice. Gamers are demanding boundary expanding visuals in addition to top flight gameplay.

Not a desirable position for Crytek Studios to be in but one that they have earned. They have the opportunity in Crysis 2  to further establish their reputation as an industry leader.

Furthermore the shooter marks their initial foray into the world of console gaming, meaning they will reach a greater number of consumers. There is a lot riding on Crysis 2 but with great risk of course comes great reward.

Now that you’ve seen the trailer, give us your thoughts. Is this one of the best? What are some of your favorites?

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