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Hologram decoys in Crysis 2’s multiplayer weapon progression trailer

Submitted by on Sunday, 6 March 20115 Comments

By setting a first-person shooter in the future, you have licence to be creative with your game’s weapons and gadgets. We’re surprised more developers don’t take full advantage of this; so many seem content with simply tweaking the design of your everyday assault rifle. Clearly, the team at Crytek is made from more ambitious stock. Sure, shotguns and assault rifles are both present, but Crysis 2 also has nanosuits, electrostatic cables and even hologram decoys. Now that’s more like it.

On Tuesday, we posted about the nanosuit trailer, which showed how a player could use the nanosuit’s cloaking abilities to get into advantageous positions. EA has now released part 2 of the multiplayer progression series, with this one showing the various weapon upgrade paths. Check out the video at the top of the page.

The tool that interests us most is the hologram decoy. This is a rifle attachment which projects an image of yourself to where your rifle is pointing. Basically, if you’re unsure if it’s safe to enter a room, activate your hologram and shine it into the room; if the room lights up from gunfire, you can probably thank your lucky stars that you didn’t go in. Now all you have to do is fire away at the duped, defenceless and thoroughly embarrassed player. It’s frustrating being on the wrong end of a decoy hologram trap – we know, we’ve been there – but on the flip side, it’s brilliant when you’re the one doing the duping.

Crysis 2 not only promises to be one of 2011’s best looking games, it also has more tricks up its sleeve than most of the competition. One word of warning though: Crysis 2 is without a doubt a formidable title. Its multiplayer has hardcore written all over it.