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Crysis 2 to feature invisibility – ninja vanish!

Submitted by on Tuesday, 1 March 20116 Comments

Quick question: invisibility or flight? Take some time to mull it over.

Hopefully you chose invisibility (let’s be smart about this┬ájet packs already exist) because by the look of this trailer you’ll be able to achieve just that in Crysis 2.

As a super soldier tasked with preserving humanity, incredible power and speed are awfully handy if not necessary. Hyper charged attributes may ultimately even the playing field.

Invisibility however may tip the scales in the favor of mankind. Oh nanosuit, you are full of surprises.

The advent of invisibility potentially changes the way in which Crysis 2 can be played.

Generally shooters of the first-person variety from this generation abide by the credence of run-and-gun. See it, shoot it, and run to the objective.

As an undetectable soldier players will have the luxury to take a breather and possibly think their way out of a jam instead of shoot their way out. The trailer itself shows one way in which the suit’s invisibility can be used to take out multiple targets.

For those FPS fans that feel that the genre may have stagnated a bit the stealth action inferred here may serve as a breath of fresh air.

If shooting things in the face no longer does it for you, perhaps an explosive sneak attack will cure your complacency.

Let us know what you think. Does invisibility change your perspective of Crysis 2?