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Dead Island – the best kept secret in travel

Submitted by on Friday, 25 March 20112 Comments

If you are in grave need of a tropical vacation maybe Dead Island wouldn’t be your first choice. What with the zombies and all.

But hold on before you book that flight to Tahiti. What if you focused more on the ‘island’ and not so much on the ‘dead’? Take a look at these new screenshots to gain a greater appreciation for the game’s captivating setting.

The last time we heard from Dead Island was when we caught glimpse of the mesmerizing rewind trailer that quickly went viral. There we saw the account of a lovely family being torn apart both literally and figuratively. If you haven’t seen it we’d be happy to catch you up.

The island paradise that is overrun with zombies wasn’t always infested with the undead. Actually it was a popular vacation destination. Nothing but beautiful cabanas, miles of warm, caressing sand and crystal clear water as far as the eye can see.

Okay, Okay we know it looks bad, we’ll grant you that, but just do your best to look past the the pairs of  vacant, brain starved eyes to the tropical paradise behind them. Much like a parent sees the heart of gold buried deep inside their juvenile delinquent child.

A solid release date for Dead Island is yet to be nailed down so until then we’ll have to make do with whatever content is made available. Of course we’ll make sure to keep you caught up.

Does the fact that the island is populated by zombies increase or decrease your desire to visit dead island?