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Fight the giant insect invasion in Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon

Submitted by on Sunday, 6 March 2011No Comment

What if a game excels in the gameplay department but is lacking in practically all other aspects? Could the game still be great despite it’s obvious flaws? Maybe you could even learn to love it for it’s shortcomings. Those of you that played Earth Defense Force 2017 know exactly what we’re talking about.

Fans of the cult classic were thrilled to see that a sequel was in production. Springing forth from GDC was news of the new ‘survival’ mode and a host of trailers and screenshots. Enjoy.

Here’s the thing about Earth Defense Force 2017, you have to do your best to blind your critical eye. Focusing on the game’s shortcomings means doing a great disservice to the fantastic gameplay. If you allow yourself to get bogged down in the bland landscapes and canned┬ádialog you’ll never see the game for what it is.

Playing Earth Defense Force is like watching any good Steven Seagal movie. If you commit yourself to the experience and revel in the absurdity you can really enjoy it. Will giant ants infest entire cities? Probably not. Can Seagal get away with portraying an Eskimo? Absolutely not.

The original ‘EDF’ was not a perfect game by any stretch of the word but that doesn’t mean that it had nothing to offer. For those that haven’t played it there’s no shame in backtracking a tad.

The upcoming iteration looks much like a supercharged version of the original, but of course there is still one constant: insects once thought to be little more than an annoyance are exacting their six-legged revenge.

From the look of things Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon aims to deliver the same addictive gameplay that made the original a worthwhile venture.

Take a look at the trailers and don’t forget the screenshots included below. Let us know what your feeling are on the end of days brought upon by giant insects. And consequently blowing up said insects with high powered weapons.