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Final mission of Mass Effect 2 to hit later this month

Submitted by on Sunday, 20 March 20112 Comments

As Ps3 owners we are fortunate to get the chance to experience the Mass Effect franchise by way of  Mass Effect 2. Furthermore, PlayStation fans were able to play much of the game’s previously released downloadable content as it was bundled in the retail release.

Available for download soon will be the final mission of Mass Effect 2, titled ‘Arrival’.

In ‘Arrival’ Commander Shepard’s mission takes him to the edge of the galaxy in search of an undercover operative that may have information regarding a Reaper invasion. You know, the one that has been sort of spanning the entire series.

The events at the conclusion of the game created the unique set of circumstances all but guaranteeing an eventual Reaper incursion. Thus it is certainly just to assume that ‘Arrival’ will be a mission that sets up the forthcoming Mass Effect 3.

Basically we know that the Reapers are coming, but in what capacity and where they will strike remain mysteries. Ideally the successful rescue of this operative would shed considerable light upon their intentions.

However, the probability that Bioware would choose to unveil a considerable amount of details surrounding the series’ crescendo in this pack of DLC is relatively low but none of us can be truly sure until the release.

In the press release Executive Producer, Casey Hudson had this to say about the reception of the Mass Effect 2:

All year, we have been extremely honored and humbled by the reception we have received for Mass Effect 2 from players around the world, including our post release DLC. Mass Effect: Arrival is an exciting extension to Mass Effect 2 and will show players just how close the Reapers are to returning and completing their deadly harvest.

Commander Shepard’s concluding Mass Effect 2 mission will be available for download on March 29 for £5.49. Additionally gamers will have the opportunity to earn 3 new trophies.

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