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Fireburst launches this summer for digital download

Submitted by on Tuesday, 1 March 20113 Comments

Zoo Entertainment has announced plans to release Fireburst, an action-packed racing game, this summer for digital download.

Using the Unreal Engine 3, the game will utilize a new Fireboost system where vehicles can trigger one of four fiery abilities such as Fireball, Firewheels, Firewall and Fireblast. Will you be able to handle the heat?

Fireblast features 15 different tracks, ranging from raceways to off-road courses. Players can choose from 15 cars that fall into four categories – Buggys, Muscle Cars, Trucks and Offroader/4×4.

While that may seem like a small selection, you can customize your vehicle with more than 250 car skins and 16 characters. Mix and match to find a combination that suits your driving style.

Fireburst is a game unlike anything we’ve delivered before,” said Mark Seremet, Zoo CEO. “We hope to challenge the most avid racing gamers by offering enhanced customizations, multiplayer functionality and a dynamic array of cars and characters. Its unique concept, intense gameplay and stunning graphics are sure to excite even the most veteran gamers. “

Fireburst will support 4-player split screen and have numerous single and multiplayer modes when it launches this summer at the price of $9.99.