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The many gameplay approaches of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Submitted by on Tuesday, 22 March 2011No Comment

Combat, stealth, hacking and social. These are the tools with which you can overcome the obstacles that lay before you. Which tool comes out of the bag is completely up to you.

Further explanation can be found in this video that shows viewers how a single destination can be reached along three unique paths.

The sentiment of choice is one that developer Eidos Montreal wishes to hammer home.

As far as videos involving video games go this one is considerably short on flare. Really it’s more informative in nature.

Narrative game designer, Mary DeMarle takes us through to the area objective by way of combat, stealth, and hacking. Close attention is paid to differentiate the trio of tactics.

The combat path is paved in blood and bullets while the stealth philosophy requires a more finesse approach. Hacking combines stealth and area exploration in a way that reveals previously hidden areas that reward gamers for their curiosity.

Obviously the goal was to display the fact that gamers will be able to take many different approaches to an objective and that goal was achieved. The simplistic nature of the video better serves that mission.

Despite the videos’s success, it does display a particular gameplay concept that isn’t new.

Taking multiple approaches to an in-game situation is actually quite familiar to gamers. In fact nearly all contemporary games that have the slightest bit of stealth mechanics allow you to somewhat alter your tactics on the fly. Metal Gear Solid 4 and Batman: Arkham Asylum to name a couple.

To be fair we do not yet know the extent to which each of these gameplay choices can be explored and of course there is always room for developers to improve upon preceding gameplay mechanics.

The possibility of playing the game to conclusion exclusively using one of the gameplay pillars remains incredibly intriguing. Racking up a large body count on one play through and taking a non-lethal approach the next could potentially provide great replay value.

What do you think of the video? Do the multiple approaches intrigue you?

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