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How to get into the inFamous 2 limited beta

Submitted by on Tuesday, 15 March 2011One Comment

Now that the initial shock of Sucker Punch’s GDC bombshell has worn off it’s time to dissect the UGC (user-generated content) portion of the game. The best way to do that of course is to get your hands on the tools of creation through Sucker Punch’s UGC beta.

Only a select few gamers will be granted early access to this special beta. We’ve got the details telling you just how to throw your name into the proverbial hat.

The first thing you should know is that the instructions for admittance into the beta are different depending on the territory in which you live. In the interest of clarity we will display the necessary steps for both European and US PS3 gamers.

European Territories (PAL)
Firstly, to even be considered for selection one must be a PlayStation Plus member. If you’re not a PS+ member, your first action would be to rectify that situation.

The beta is scheduled to go live as of April 12th. Unfortunately at this time no other information was released by either Sucker Punch or Sony as to how PS+ members would go about receiving access to the UGC beta. Stay tuned for a future update to this effect.

For US gamers a PS+ membership, although valuable in its own right, is not necessary for beta consideration. Promising mission creators need only apply for admittance at right now). The application period will remain open for a full week ending at 2PM Pacific time on March 21st.

The select few chosen to participate in the beta will begin to receive confirmations via e-mail starting April 12th. The process of  sorting out winners will be gradual so if you don’t receive an official invite on the 12th that does not mean that you one won’t hit your inbox (don’t forget to check that spam filter also) shortly thereafter. Vouchers will be distributed steadily.

Additionally, beware of the fine print as that is where the important ground rules lay. For instance gamers that have already registered with the inFamous website and did not check the ‘Enter me into the UGC Sweepstakes’ box will need to re-register.

Gamers in the US can go ahead a register for beta selection as of March 14th. For gamers in the PAL territories make sure your PS+ membership is paid for and await further updates for admittance into this rather unique beta.

For more information regarding the addition of user-generated content to inFamous 2 check out the original post.