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inFamous 2 to include user-generated content

Submitted by on Wednesday, 2 March 20119 Comments

Coming directly out of GDC is news that the forthcoming inFamous 2 will feature user-generated content.

A trailer has been released giving a brief overview of developer Sucker Punch’s newest addition. Check it out.

Although inFamous was a great success both critically and financially Sucker Punch had a particular problem with the game: it ended.

This time around they plan to give Cole’s adventure relatively unlimited life.

We thought inFAMOUS 2 would be better if it didn’t end—if you never ran out of missions and mini-missions to play and things to do. So… we spent the last two years adding a User-Generated Content feature to the game. With User-Generated Content, inFAMOUS 2 players can build new missions, then share them with the world. I think you’ll all quickly discover that while building missions is a lot of fun, seeing people play and enjoy those missions is even better!  – Chris Zimmerman, Development Director, Sucker Punch Productions

Obviously when we hear ‘user-generated’ our minds drift to thoughts of the LittleBigPlanet franchise that has instituted ‘play, create, share’ into gaming lexicon. However inFamous 2 plans to do things a little bit differently.

Given the nature of inFamous 2 as a sandbox game Sucker Punch has chosen to integrate user-generated content directly into the game world, in what they hope will make for a fluid existence of story and user-generated missions.

Illuminated cones will again mark the starting points for all missions, story and user-generated alike.

Coupled with the ability to create missions is dedicated network that will track all user-generated missions and allow players to rate missions created by fellow gamers à la LBP.

When you walk up to them, you see the PSN tag of the mission creator, plus extra information like the mission’s current rating. And back at Sucker Punch headquarters, we’ll be watching—missions that get high scores will get promoted to the Sucker Punch Featured Missions list, and those missions will end up just about everyone’s copy of New Marais.  – Chris Zimmerman

inFamous fans can look forward to getting their creative hands on the mission creation framework via a limited beta that is scheduled to go live in early April. Details concerning sign-ups for this beta will be released on March 14. Stay tuned to as well as PS3 Attitude for information as it becomes available.

Once you’ve properly wrapped your mind around the concept of user-created missions for inFamous 2 tell us what you think. Does the prospect of user-generated content excite you?