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Introducing Aimi Yoshida, one of the new recruits of X-Men: Destiny

Submitted by on Tuesday, 22 March 2011No Comment

Activision’s upcoming X-Men: Destiny allows gamers to play as one of three new mutant recruits as they take control of their own destiny. The first original character created specifically for the game is Aimi Yoshida, a young mutant from Japan who is all alone in the big city of San Francisco.

Will she use her powers for good or for evil? That’s up for you to decide…

Aimi Yoshida

Age: 15
Height: 5’ 1’’
Weight: 95lbs

Character Description

Balance Summary: Small in size but strong in mental focus, Aimi is the mutant ability expert. She specializes in efficient mutant power usage.  Aimi’s fighting style is very acrobatic and graceful.

Back story: Smuggled out of Japan by her mutant parents before the entire family could be rounded up and incarcerated in the new mutant camps, Aimi arrives in San Francisco hidden on a tanker ship. She is too young and frightened to appreciate her parents’ motivations for sending her away, and instead feels only the bitterness and anger of abandonment.

There are still two new characters who have yet to be revealed. X-Men: Destiny lets you determine the fate of these characters through a deep branching storyline, allowing players to make choices that influence how the game is played out.

What are your thoughts of Aimi? Think she has what it takes to join the X-Men?