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Kaos’ five quick tips to being a Homefront hero

Submitted by on Friday, 18 March 20113 Comments

Homefront launches today in Europe, and we’re sure you’re all itching to take part in its multiplayer. One problem: you’re disadvantaged by the fact the game’s been out for a couple of days in the USA. The servers are already populated with hundreds of skilled players. You’ll need some tips.

What do you do? Read this article – that’s what you do – and learn five quick tips from Homefront’s creative director, David Votypka, on how to be a Homefront hero.

  • Don’t try and save your battle points for the next round, because they don’t carry over.
  • A great way to pick up battle points is by using the recon drone to fly around tagging enemies, and when your allies get kills, you can get points for that. So that’s a great support way to play, if you’re not like a sort of hardcore, skilled player. It allows you to get vehicles and more powerful stuff.
  • Personally, I like the M200 sniper rifle, when you unlock that. It has a thermal scope on it, which is very nice.
  • All the vehicles have a counter measure system, which you may not know about. You know, when you’re in a vehicle, it’s good to keep yourself alive by using the counter measures. They’re either flares that come out, or they’ll have a protection time for about ten seconds (i.e. so any RPGs will be actively defeated). They’re a good way to stay alive in vehicles.
  • The Apache second gunner seat is really sweet. If you select ‘team vehicle’ and somebody has an Apache, you’ll spawn right into the second seat of the Apache with the thermal view. Great way to get kills and you can also get battle commander vehicle killstreaks, marking you as a priority threat in a vehicle.

Now what are you waiting for? It’s time to take these tips to the battlefield. We’ll see you there.