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Let MLB: The Show 11 punch your ticket to the All-Star game

Submitted by on Tuesday, 8 March 2011No Comment

If you consider yourself a fan of ‘America’s Pastime’ then you’ve likely enjoyed MLB: The Show at some time. The best sports simulator on the PS3 continues to build on last season’s success with the addition of the ‘Challenge of the Week’ feature.

If baseball isn’t your cup of tea we understand. Even the most steadfast of the game’s enthusiasts can admit that the 9 innings can tend to drag on a bit. After all in what universe does a Red Sox-Yankees game need to last four hours?

The action of any given game comes and goes in seemingly minuscule bursts sandwiched between long interludes of strategy and anticipation (or boredom to the detractors). In the age of instant gratification the game of baseball has become somewhat of a niche sport compared to the golden age of the past.

It’s a shame in light of the fact that as PS3 owners we have exclusive access to the best sports simulator on the market. Unlike a certain franchise bearing the name of a famous turducken enthusiast, MLB: The Show continues to feel the spur of non-exclusivity which provides the necessary motivation for innovation.

Every spring the developers at San Diego Studios draw up new ways to improve their product. One of this year’s additions is the introduction of the ‘Challenge of the Week’ feature which aims to keep things fresh for baseball fans throughout the season.

The ‘Challenge of the Week’ allows a player to pit their batting skills up against the rest of the game’s community. Real world MLB results will dictate the unique match-up that will serve as the spotlight in that week’s challenge (all gamers will play out the same match-up). If a particular pitcher or hitter has been having a great week you can expect to see them featured that week.

At its core ‘CotW’ will play like an arcade baseball sim. Gamers will attempt to rack up high scores that can be accrued based on their performance.

The kings of each week’s leaderboard stand to receive real-world prizes like autographed MLB memorabilia and gift cards. Accumulated points from the month are used to derive a monthly winner that will win such prizes as a 46″ Sony 3D HDTV, as well as a grand prize winner who will find themselves and a guest at this year’s All-Star Game in Phoenix.

You can argue that pitching the first perfect game and receiving a million dollars is a better prize but if history tells us anything about the future you’ll most likely have to play a lesser game. It’s certainly nice to see that developers are creating new ways to keep gamers engaged.

Tell us what you think about ‘Challenge of the Week’. Worth your time or will you pass all together?