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NASCAR The Game 2011 – What’s all this about driving in circles?

Submitted by on Sunday, 27 March 20113 Comments

If you’re like most people you have little to no knowledge concerning NASCAR. The motor-sport that has given birth to such greats as Dale ‘The Intimidator’ Earnhardt and Mark ‘Crazy Old Man’ Martin is one the world’s most popular niche sports.

If you ever lay awake at night wondering what it would be like to run three cars wide on turn 4 at Bristol Motor Speedway we’ve got you covered.

The origin of NASCAR is steeped within American history. You see in 1920 those in power saw fit to outlaw the sale of alcohol. Ironically creating a situation wherein the demand for a drink exploded exponentially.

Recognizing the opportunity to lubricate their fellow man,  a group of bootleggers from the southern region of the U.S. set out to distribute powerful ‘moonshine’ to the masses. Meaning that whereas your nightcap used to come from a guy like this, it now came from one like this. A noble venture that required swift, light-weight vehicles with which to evade the law.

Once prohibition was mercifully repealed those that had outran the police found that they had a certain fondness for pushing their augmented cars to the limit and a sport was born.

In NASCAR The Game 2011 players have the opportunity to experience the modern realization of those bootleggers. We’ve seen NASCAR games before but this year’s model represents somewhat of an overhaul of the gameplay philosophy.

Left turn enthusiasts will be able to take the wheel of one of the 43 official cars as well as create their own car. Much attention was paid by the developers to perfect and differentiate the AI tendencies of each driver to reflect those of their real-life equivalent.

While from a distance one may wish to boil the sport down to driving real fast, NASCAR is incredibly nuanced. A race spanning 500 miles (804 km) often comes down to mere milliseconds. A miscalculation by a crew chief or a slip up while changing a tire can cost a driver the podium.


Teamwork is the key to victory lane

Whether you like NASCAR or not the game does look impressive. Much commendation is due to the developer, Eutechnyx, for their incredibly realistic portrayal of not only the cars but the legendary tracks that dot the American landscape.

Have a look at the bevy of screenshots below and let us know what you think of the game. Does it interest you at all? Would you rather play a game centered around prohibition era bootlegging?